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July 12, 2010


Old Warrior

The Incubator and I frequently thought we would have enjoyed an Asian teenager, as well. But, we just settled for the challenge of our own Princess Angela.

Somehow, I suspect that the Asian teenagers are somewhat different at home than out in public where they are perfectly polite and charming. I base that on reports from the field that you were charming, polite, and practically perfect in every way once outside our immediate parental unit control zone.


So you're saying that the people on The Amazing Race don't just have phenomenally bad luck with cab drivers in Japan?


loving all of these pics, it's like we went on vacation with you!

and your room and living room is so interesting and fascinating and ah, love your trip.

also, that last pic, priceless. nicely done :)


Wow your room looks very interesting with it set up for day and night. I am so messy in hotel rooms, this would not work for me :)


Nice Gaijin pic Ang! Toooooo funny! You left out the amazing pina colada that you had at our mexican lunch. ;)

Brittany E.

I'm reading this and thinking I never ever thought about meeting a geisha, but now I want to add "Meet a Geisha" to my life list. That is so cool! And I love how they transform the rooms, what a novel idea!

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