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July 18, 2010



Haha Angela, I too have a twitter account, which I abandoned a few months ago, but I just signed in and added you. I am not on there much, but that might change depending how bored I get. lol


Yay! I just started following you on Twitter. I'm fairly new to the whole thing.

I've been reading your blog for a long time but don't think I've said hello. So...hello!


I pretty much stopped tweeting a few months ago, but I still check Twitter daily, so I'm sure I'll be re-adding you to that list :)

Also, another blog that I follow uses/raves about Penny Lane Designs - her name is Marina and you can find her here:

I think she would design something that is perfect for you!


I just saw the facebook movie preview, too, and I am totally on board! I can already tell, what we know of the Zuckerberg story aside, it's going to be so good!

Heidi Renée

I wondered if you would ever come back to Twitter! Hooray!

Kate P

Nice to see you on Twitter again! :)


I loved your first tweet! Now I can stalk to you in another network. I mean that in a non scary way though.


I guess you could wait til 2011 because I'm trying desperately to take web design classes this fall. Just a suggestion. Oh, and I don't get on Twitter. If and when I EVER do again, I'll add you.

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