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July 28, 2010



I love the Gray & White pearl cluster necklace. I love all things pearl actually, so elegant yet understated. :)

And let's see, I believe I amass 3 points. +1 for my comment, +1 for following you on FB and +1 for following you on Twitter.



thanks for the opportunity! Meredith dot Targarona at Gmail dot com

Operation Pink Herring

I think my favorite thing about her shop is the Metallica and Pearl Jam category names. Favorite item...this necklace, actually!

I also have three points, one for the comment, one for following you on Twitter, and one for being a blog fan on FB.


I looooovvvvveeee the grey and white pearl cluster necklace.

I believe I've collected 7 points, for everything except posting the link to the contest on my blog, because I don't have a blog. Yay me!

Same Sweet Girl

Wow!! What a beautiful necklace! Thanks for doing this giveaway girl! :)

I also love that blue cluster pearl necklace from her shop! So pretty!!

I have a total of 7 entries!!!! Here is my Twitter name. Same_Sweet_Girl


Love this necklace and the blue cluster pearl necklace! So pretty! I have 6 points I think-leaving a comment (1), following you on twitter (2), following Lynn on twitter (3), liking you on FB (4), following Lynn's blog (5), and retweeting to my followers on twitter (6). My twitter name is MissFLBelle.


You know, I still haven't done a giveaway on my blog either after all this time!! (I've never won anything either, as a matter of fact!)

I love the Sky Blue cluster of pearls, so pretty! I also already follow you on twitter, followed her on twitter and liked you on facebook! And now I'm going to go tweet about your contest :)

PS. I'm so glad that we've rediscovered each other! You're one of the first blogs I started reading :)


alright! Gorgeous piece you're offering.
I have followed you and Lynn on twitter. I also really like this piece, It's delicate and beautiful.


Count me in! Gorgeous!

I follow you here and Twitter.

And my fav piece of jewelry on Lynn's beautiful site? The Silver and Amethyst Ribbon Bracelet! I love it!

Laughing Fridge

Hard to choose a favorite, but I really love these lotus pearl earrings

I'm following lynn's blog and yours, I'm following you both on twitter, and I left a comment on lynn's blog as well. So that makes 6 points total I believe.

I would love to win that necklace!!


I love the "Long Gold Necklace with Orange Ceramic Beads"

I've earned 6 entries. I follow you and Lynn, left a comment on hers, and follow both of you on twitter! I'm @seattlestevie

Thanks for hosting!


oh i love the sage green pearl necklace, it's so pretty. but i think the one you're giving away may be the best one :)

and i already follow you on twitter and i left a pretty comment for lynn :)

Old Warrior

What about the Space A flight to Tacoma?


Thanks, everyone! I'm glad people are liking my shop and entering the contest!

Alynda S

That is such a stunning necklace.. squee!

So, first up, I've just followed you on twitter (@breathegently right here) +1

Have liked you on Facebook! +1

Have left Lynn some blog love too. :) +1

And best of all, I think the necklace on offer is actually my favourite! Dare I say.. good for wedding rehearsals and possibly even with the dress? Woohoo! +1

I think I'm at 4 - but who's counting? :)
Happy giveaway!


Um, also Typepad hates me.

I'm Breathe-Gently aka Aly. =)


I have to say, I REALLY love the necklace you put in your picture above. That is something right up my alley. I'm obsessed with pearl jewelry, I love it.


I love the Lotus and Pearl earrings.

A Super Girl pretty! I really should do some Etsy shopping.

My favorite is her silver and amethyst necklace. And the giveaway necklace too...I hope I win.

I already follow you on twitter, so does that give me 2 points?


I would have to say that it's a tie between the pearl necklace your giving away and the antiqued silver double strand rose necklace.

Kate P

I really like the amethyst ribbon bracelet. Purple, ribbons--very femmy, as is all her work. Sweet.

Here is the link to my post:

Let's see. . . I commented here and at Lynn's, I posted a link on my blog, and I follow both you and Lynn on Twitter. I think that's 5.


My favorite piece in her Etsy shop is the Sky Blue Cluster necklace! (+1)

Also, I have commented on her blog (+1), I had previously "Liked" your blog on Facebook (+1), I am now a follower of Lynn's blog (+1), I follow you and now Lynn on Twitter (+2), I retweeted after a long hiatus from Twitter (+1, @call_me_caro) and I posted about it on my fairly new blog (+1,

Total: 8 :)


my favorite thing in her etsy shop has to be the leaf and berry glass bead cluster earrings. Luv em!! I've also subscribed to her blog and commented on her most recent post. so whats that, 3 points, right?? well i'll be crossing my fingers....

Jordan P

The Pearl and Gold Filigree necklace is divine!

Jordan P

And I liked your blog on facebook!!


The black freshwater cluster earrings. 2 points 1)comment 2) I like you on FB.


I LOVE this necklace. Very teacher appropriate. ;)

1. My fav piece is the Silver and Amethyst Ribbon Bracelet.

2. I liked your blog on facebook.

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