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July 27, 2010



Sorry about your trip! But flying in t-storms is very scary... let's just hope in this case bad things happen in 4's!

Kate P

Ooh! Safe travels!!!

With advisors like that, who needs enemies? I went through plenty of those, so I can say with certainty THAT SUCKS. Go over her head and see if you can get into the class you actually need. I managed to get a second section opened on a class after I went to a student forum and found other people who needed the same class and were locked out. It could happen!


You're having a week like mine! We really should hang out and drink away all the crap! Sorry, friend!

Heidi Renée

I think a strongly-worded letter to madame advisor's boss is in order.


Ouch that stinks! Sorry to hear the trip didn't work out. You're right, unpacking from a vacation you didn't take is awful. Also, busted AC and dryer? That is so not fair.

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