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July 20, 2010



wow... fantastic goals. now you're making me want to make a list. and i'd have one month less than you to complete it. hrm.

good luck with it all. i know you can do it!


I think that's a wonderful list Ang. Good luck with all of it. I am glad we get to be on this journey with you. :)

Same Sweet Girl

I am with you completely on not getting very excited about birthdays anymore. I just recently started feeling that way and I almost feel like I'm going through a quarter life crisis!! I haven't made a list like that...but it sounds like a GREAT idea!! I'll def have to try it. :)


Oh, yeah, I've totally done that! I had a five-year plan that I wrote in 2008 and accomplished about half of the list. I'm still not fluent in a foreign language, but I became quite conversational in Russian. I can now also hold my own in German, although I have a LONG way to go before I can sprech with the natives (i.e. my husband's family). My big thing right now is 30 state capitals before I turn 30, although I'm not sure I'm going to make that ... oh well.

Great list! Good luck!

Kristie Carline

Okay, you have REALLY inspired me now!!!!! :--) I'm making my list this week!!! By the way, have you read Something Borrowed? The entire first part of the book is all about turning 30 and birthdays...the book is super fun, but that part in particular rang so true to my ears! :--) make my list!

Anonymous G


Two suggestions (not that you've asked...)

1. Add one more to the list that says: In the event I don't cross off all items on this list, I will NOT be disappointed; I will be proud of my accomplishments.

2. I will extend deadline when I cross off #30.



wait till you turn 40;)

Chery M.


Great list!! And a lot of those seem like so much fun :) #10 made me laugh! I should try making a 30 before 30 list...good luck girl!


I need to do this. 30 is one of my "scary" years. And I'm not ready!


I have taken it upon myself to include myself in some of your list. I want to go to France with you. Also, clearly I should be there when you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. And HAVE A BABY!

I like the Starbucks one... that's real cool. Stealing it!

Kate P

Lots of fun and interesting things on that list! I'm looking forward to following along. Especially that hot air balloon ride, because one of the funny stories I ever heard was my cousin's tale of the ride he took!

I think I've actually done more now that I'm on the other side of 30 (was 30-1/2 when I registered for my Master's program, e.g.), so lest anybody believe otherwise, life does not end at 30!

Kate P

Oops I meant "funniest" not "funny." Go me on the proofreading.


What a great list! I make lists all the time, and I do have a rough draft of a bucket list, which includes, like you, finishing my novel an riding a hot air balloon. I'm a few years past my 30th birthday. Maybe I need to make a 40 before 40 list! :)


Great list! Lots of fun stuff ahead of you. If you want a partner in your France adventure, you call me! I'm ready to go.

Heidi Renée

I'll be 28 in a few weeks, and I'm looking forward to it. I love birthdays! I don't feel one way or another about turning 30 just yet. I'm happily married, I have a job I enjoy, life is good. Maybe I'd like us to buy a house by then, but we'll probably still be in Navy exile and I am SO not buying anything here.

I started doing a "101 things in 1001 days" list a few years ago, but I never thought of 101 things and I decided most of the ones I had already chosen weren't actually things I cared about, so I gave up.

Old Warrior

Two thoughts:

1. Read Atlas Shrugged IMMEDIATELY - Hard to believe Ayn Rand forecast the future of Progressivism so accurately. But "Who is John Galt" now?

2. The Bible is a collection of books (some very confusing and poorly written - Sorry God) not meant to be read in sequence. You need to take the Disciple 1&2 Courses or something similar to help you figure out what the heck most of it is about and provide a lot of background and context.


Dang lady, super ambitious list - I like it. I should maybe write out a bucket list one of these days. I always say to myself, "I have to do that before I die" - then naturally I always forget it. I rule.

garden state prep

I've been thinking about doing a "before 30" list myself. Yours looks great.


I did the Starbucks thing!!! Thank you so much for the idea :)
(I gave you credit on my blog today)

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