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July 26, 2010



You should also be crazy excited about Beloved, Frankenstein, and All the King's Men. Toni Morrison is a vivid writer, Frankenstein will leave you with crazy thoughts about the essence of humanity, and All the King's Men will hit close to 8th grade social studies since it's a fictionalization of HP Long.

Also, I agree with you... So many Russians...


What a great collection of novels! And you are inspiring to expand my current reading interests... I would love to re-read Cather & the Rye, and Ulysess was a very tough one to get through..good luck with that list! You've got a lot accomplished thus far!


I have only read 29. And would say as tough as the Russians are Faulkner is my least favorite author on the list. I will definitely be adding many of these to my reading list. Good Luck

Fraulein N

I'm ashamed to count how many (or few) of these I've read. I'm excited to see your progress!

Heidi Renée

I intend to start reading more when Jason deploys later this year. Probably not esteemed literature like this, but maybe a few. Because I'm weird, I took a (translated) Russian literature class in college, so I'm pretty caught up on those guys. I actually really liked War and Peace and read it again on my own time after college.

Kate P

Never mind the Russians--why so much Faulkner??? The man does not punctuate; it makes me go cross-eyed.

I'm in the area of about 30, myself--which makes me feel weird because I have an English Lit degree--but I know I've read OTHER titles by the same authors. (And honestly I tend to read only what I'm interested in, unless required by a class.)

I recommend audio for some of these, if you like that sort of thing. I've been doing that with some YA titles and I alternate between listening in the car and listening at home. Happy reading!


Man, I gave Anna Karenina a really good solid try. Could. Not. Do. It. I really wanted to like it, too! Same thing with Love in the Time of Cholera. I got about 70% through it, hating it all the way, and finally let myself quit, after beating myself up over it, since I thought I should really like it too.

On the other hand - there are a ton of books on this list I haven't read - most of them, actually. Thanks for posting this! I will definitely add some of these to my reading list.

Old Warrior

What kind of stupid "Best 100" list wouldn't have East of Eden, Shogun, I Robot, Martian Chronicles, Atlas Shrugged, Dune, and Tales of the South Pacific in it.

My take on Russian books is that they are the literary equivalent of quicksand. You have to really love detail (ridiculous amounts of detail) and trying to keep track of a lot of characters with unpronounceable names. Here follows my list of my all time favorite Russian books:


If you look up "Philistine" in the dictionary, you will probably see my picture.

Elise Gautreau

this is great, reading it makes me want to pick up a few (need to make a run to the library on my lunch break this week!)

I CANNOT believe your sister has let you live all these years without having read the Lord of the Rings.


Wow it's sad how few of these books I've actually read. Yikes. I loved To Kill a Mockingbird and Pride and Prejudice. Those should be much higher.


LOTR, Crime and Punishment, Slaughterhouse Five, A Farewell to Arms, these are books to get excited about! (Also, I agree with Elise on the LOTR thing-quite shocked)

I wish you loads of luck with Conrad. Heart of Darkness is in the top five of my most hated, loathed, and deplored books of all time.

Jenna Hatty

Angela-I discovered this list from your blog and took it upon myself to read the top 100 as well! My sister and I decided to do it together, and to start from #100. I also forced myself to purchase at least three from the list so I cant give up on it so easily. hahaha

And I love your blog! So very entertaining!

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