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June 17, 2010



Ooh, I like the Sherpani ... and really, having a bag limit the amount of stuff you can carry/buy is a good thing. Bags get heavy, yo.


That water bill is insane!!! I hope they come out and find out what's going on with it.

And I can't believe you are going to Japan next week. How long is the trip for? Have tons of fun!


Wow, I had a heart attack over a $65 water bill (sewer is included and Tom's parents were here for a visit last month and so there were more showers, more dishes and more laundry piles). $900 might knock me dead!


a $900 water bill!? that is insanity, hope that gets fixed asap!

and yay for japan! i have a feeling your teacher will understand, but woo that is so exciting.


I love how you wrote how you were trying to resisting the urge to go to the bathroom, that was hilarious! But, nonetheless, I would have automatically pooped my pants if I received a $900 water bill. That is flipping insane. They better get that straightened out ASAP!

So will you be blogging from Japan? I want to hear all about it!

The Incubator

Your water bill reminds me of the $400+ (so adjust for inflation here) electricity bill we got when you were 2 and Britt was a wee little bitty. Daddy had moved to Virginia already, so I was tragic and pitiful, but the electric co. said the meter was spinning correctly - it was a $400 mouse that had shortcircuited the heat pump! The repairman thought I was in such desparate straights that he didn't even charge me for fixing the problem:) See -- children can be a good prop in some situations!!!


I waited on a Japanese couple last night who spoke very little English--in fact, the 3 words they said to me were "Bud Light" "Lemonade" and "Check"--and I couldn't help but think of you in the exact opposite situation very soon! It's gonna be so fun for you!! :)

garden state prep

Have such an amazing time in Japan!!

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