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June 10, 2010


Same Sweet Girl

Well it sounds like you've got some really great things coming up!! I'm sure it will be really hard for 4 months...I can barely handle 3 days. :( At least you have us!! Hahaha. :D

Heidi Renée

With all of that travel you'll hardly be home enough to notice that Colby isn't there. Jason isn't supposed to deploy again until next year, but I might take a page out of your book when it happens.

The Incubator

We WILL be celebrating five years, dear girl! And the party will be just one day shy of the day I received that "lovely" phone call from the doctor telling me of the news. I plan to have a ceremonial burial of all chemo related drugs that are remaining in that "special bag!" What do you think?? I'm still hoping to get a visit in there somewhere --


There are a lot of exciting things coming up! I'm so excited to hear more about them and your Lost in Translation trip. That will be AMAZING.

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