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May 15, 2010



I'm still completely bummed you aren't here still. And I'm living in Spanish Harlem instead of the Upper West Side... and I much preferred being on the OPPOSITE side of the restaurant service... but alas. Can't wait til I visit YOU. Is there enough food in Charleston for me? Or more importantly... wine? ;)


Liza Minnelli assaulted your sister? Now THAT'S a vacation story!


Wow. This post makes me want to go back to NYC immediately and check out everything you did!

I'm glad it was such an amazing time!

Kate P

What a fun tour--good food, art, and a brush with celebrity! And Central Park looks beautiful. I was there about ten years ago for a wedding; there's nothing like it anywhere else.

Welcome back!


That sounds like a lot of fun! I love New York and your photos are amazing! And yes, the lure of season finales are distracting me too!! What ones are you the most excited about?

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