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May 03, 2010


Operation Pink Herring

I had a hilarious conversation (and by hilarious, I mean humiliating) with my OBGYN about being convinced I had HPV after Glamour ran an article about how something like 50% of women have it before age 30 and don't even know.


I had HPV in college. I really don't think it's anything to worry about, especially since it's become so common. The only thing that sucked majorly about having HPV was the biopsy to check for cervical cancer. (both the discomfort and the waiting for results)

it's best to put these things out of your mind as much as possible. :)

Kate P

Totally feel for you on the school stuff. . . I got an entire semester tacked onto my timeline. I'm glad you talked to a real person at last!

I'm confident everything went well for you today--have a wonderful vacation!!! Wave to Philadelphia and I will wave back!


Just wanted to say hello after I read your comment on the whole being judgmental thing at Our Little Apartment. I'm judgmental too, but I'm really working on it. And coincidentally, I just had an ultrasound today to check for PCOS. It was'll be fine!


Have a great time!!! And I'm glad I wasn't the only responsible one this weekend :)

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