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May 25, 2010


Heidi Renée

I learn all of my Japanese phrases from Styx songs.

It's so cool that you're going to Japan! I think I would be totally intimidated.


ah japan! how exciting!!! :) i love the messenger bags!


Onegai shimasu means please ... other than konnichiwa and sayonara, I'm tapped out for Japanese phrases. Have fun!


Oooh I love your travel wallet, it looks great to store all things important. :)

And I can't believe you are going to Tokyo soon! Can't wait to see pictures.


I'm a nerd and I always buy a long, skinny travel journal to write while I'm on vacation and store those long boarding passes. Just a thought. I'm glad you are getting stoked for Japan. I wanted to learn phrases before I went too but totally slacked in that department thinking Matt would be of help. Ahem, I knew as much Japanese as he did. Be prepared for them to say "hi" all the time. It means yes. lol And, I might have to look into that messenger bag just because. :) Happy trip!

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