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April 02, 2010



Love that dress! Seriously, Land's End never occurred to me as a stalk-worthy site.


okay i want ALL of those clothes. they are so cute. seriously, want to be my personal shopper? haha.


All the clothes you posted are from Land's End Canvas, which from what I've read around BlogLand is supposed to offer some healthy competition to J.Crew :)

A Super Girl

Love all those things...and was thinking exactly the same thing about Lands End! I thought that was the place where you bought your monogrammed tote bags...not cute clothes!

Heidi Renée

My bathing suit is from Lands End too, but ugh, I wouldn't even think of wearing it right now. I bought myself a Jillian too. I just need to get around to letting her out of the plastic wrap so she can kick my fat ass.

anonymous prep

I'm with you about Land's End - all the sudden it has such cute stuff! Enjoy the lovely weather!

Kate P

Thanks for the fashion tips!!! I can't wait for LE Canvas to start doing Petites, but in the meantime, I ordered a couple of cute ruffle-collar tank tops and hope they'll fit O.K. (If you are on LE's e-mail list, there's a coupon for 20% off! I ordered $83 worth of stuff and between the coupon and a gift card I got for $25 as rewards from Discover, I paid just over $40. Awesome.)


All cute stuff! yay Spring! I need to go check out this Lands End Canvas collection because I've heard really good stuff about it!


Cute cute cute! I want that patio done by the time I come visit. ;) Am I allowed to make such demands? I'm just trying to help...

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