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April 19, 2010



wow, poison ivy can do that? That is intense! But I'm glad it all got figured out. And I bet your uterus is just tilted because it doesn't want to get pregnant right NOW. When the time comes it'll be like "oh, ok, cool!" and get back in shape. ;)


Welcome to the world of tilted uteri, cuz! It's it exciting? Haven't had any complications with it...


I'm so glad it wasn't the invasion of tiny critters in your mattress. But I'm sorry to hear it was ivy poison. I have heard horror stories about them, and wouldn't even know what to look for when in a garden/park. Yikes, glad you will survive!

I have no clue about tipped uteri's, but I hope everything works out and fertility is not an issue. You are so much like me, it's scary hehe, I too think that when the time comes I will have difficulty, not sure why.

The Incubator

Isn't it nice to know that you and your sister popped right out of the cutest little tipped "u"? I think that back in the dark ages before you were born, the doc just said, "hum, lookee there!" Now, for fear of multiple law suits or because they have such wonderful toys to play with and fun tests to order they say, "let's order up this fun test so we can take pictures of your insides to prove that you are indeed tipsy!" Go figure -


Dude. I rock at diagnoses! Go me. Also, I have a tipped uterus, was sure I was going to have trouble conceiving should I ever decide that was something I wanted to do, and WHOOPS got preggo accidentally. No fertility issues here, apparently.


Wow you have been busy at the doc's offices. don't stress about the lady area. It's better to be safe than sorry, and yay for ultrasounds! Let's hope it's internal one.


Wow, they could tell I have a tipsy uterus just by the way my cervix is, no tests required (that was probably more information about my lady bits than the internet needed, but there you go.)

My dad and my FIL are both super allergic to poison ivy, both of them can get it from SMOKE if it's being burned nearby. My husband? He can roll in the stuff and nothing will happen. I spend the entire time I'm in the woods saying "is that poison ivy? how about that? that?"


I think alot of women think they will have fertility issues...not sure why, maybe it's because their birth control actually worked lo those many years:) Anyway, this should be some sort of encouragement: Before Gunner, I was told I'd have a hard time getting pregnant...poly cystic ovaries, borderline endometriosis, non regular cycles...etc. My dr. even encouraged me to go ahead and get on fertility meds., as he didn't want me to get discouraged and be opting for adoption within 2 years, weird I know! Long story short...I was pregnant less than 2 months after that appt.! And, we were NOT trying!!! Moral of the story, you and your tilted uterus will be fine. Your mom and Kendra are proof:)

Kristen at Miss Prissy Paige

I'm with you on the Dr. Google thing. I think the I need to block Webmd from my browser as its caused a few more gray hairs to sprout. Hopefully its nothing serious, but I'll be thinking about you. xoxo

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