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April 30, 2010



In my experience, advisors don't advise very well. I'm sorry that you're dealing with this ... it's a much bigger pain in the butt when it's your own money!

Old Warrior

All universities and colleges are getting very creating in thinking of ways to vacuum $$$ out of your wallet. On line versions are VERY good at it.

Thinking of ways to make you take additional courses is the best way. I was convinced that even way back in the "dark ages" when I was at LSU, intentionally incompetent advisers was the best way to do that.


Email me the name of your textbook before you buy it. If my company publishes it, I might be able to hook you up with a copy.

Heidi Renée

Jason is getting his bachelor's degree online. Luckily everything is covered by the Navy because he's active duty. We haven't had too many problems with his school, but he does sometimes have to take off months at a time because of how the scheduling falls. He doesn't need the degree to work successfully as a civilian, but it would mean so much to him to finally get it--he'd be the first college graduate in his immediate family.


I agree with Lynn, advisors have never been that helpful to me. As for teaching jobs, must be something about the Carolinas? My sister and BIL moved to North Carolina specifically because he got a teaching job...which he then lost after a year. Then he found another one, and lost that one after two years. Now he has a job selling cars.

Kate P

Ugh! I'm so sorry, Angela. I had what seemed like a cast of thousands for advisors in grad school, culminating in the one who sat on my teaching certification application.

When you say "new system," is it the school's or the state's? If it's the school's, did you get proper notice of the change? I highly recommend going over your advisor's head if you can. But whatever you do, please don't get discouraged. It does eventually get better and stuff like this becomes a distant memory.


Oh my gosh that stinks! Crap like that is so frustrating. I'm sorry your advisor sucks, I've had bad ones and I hate it. Hope it all gets better.

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