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April 26, 2010


Brittany E.

I love period dramas! And I also love reading historical fiction. I've seen Lost in Austen which I thought was really good. But I haven't seen many of ther others, so I have to add those to Netflix!

anonymous prep

I love BBC films but I haven't heard of North and South. It sounds like I would adore it though. I'm also having a major PBS moment - Patrick Stewart is in Hamlet on PBS this week which is pretty much the highlight of my Wednesday.


Wow I have BBC America and I never see these shows! I need to be better about my Austen-inspired shows. I love those! BBC is genius.


Hi!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) Funny you asked about burning the paper because I thought the exact same thing!! I have no idea!! I mean it seems like most candles burn in the middle and the outer layer always kind of stays there but I'm not entirely sure... I'll have to see if my mom plans on burning them or not. I guess you'd have to really watch them if you chose to.


So...yeah...I may have just added all of these (save Lost in Austen, b/c I've watched it, loved it, and then watched it again) to my Netflix Instant queue :)


i love "lark rise to candleford", a BBC has great characters and i'm addicted! i'm going to london soon and looking forward to buying some more! thanks for the ideas

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