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March 14, 2010


anonymous prep

I love the sweeping skirts and corset, but wouldn't want to wear it everyday. I'm right there with you about the 50s look of A-line skirts and fitted tops.


I am all about 40's fashion. Bring on the knee-length skirts and peplum jackets! And I am so with you on hats--can we please please please bring those back? That's one 20's style I love--the cloche hat!

I do have to wonder about the women shoved into corsets and bustles and hoops and multiple petticoats and yards and yards of hot sweaty fabric, making the most simple tasks so difficult--given the choice, would they pick that style, or a pair of jeans and a cute sweater?

Angela Noelle

Ooooh, I agree, cloche hats are stunning!  There are actually a couple on etsy that Ive been eyeing for a while, but havent been able to bring myself to lay down the dollar bills for ;)


I don't yearn for corsets as much but the 60s-style for women was pretty bad a** and I loved that. When I watch Mad Men I can't control the jealousy I feel at the cool outfits they wear.

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