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March 18, 2010



You were in San Fran three times in the last two years and never fell. I say if you don't fall here, that's a victory against gravity!

I hope you're not hurt too badly--feel better!

operation pink herring

It warms my heart to hear that I have such a lovely compatriot in falling down-ness. I fall/trip/tumble off my bike at least once a month. it just makes your bones stronger, that's what I say.


Oh my gosh I hope you're okay! I tripped three times in San Fran and Boston. Boston I actually fell but I could keep myself up straight for California. Still hurt.

anonymous prep

I'm forever banging into tables and stubbing my toes! Hope you're feeling better!


Tripping for no good reason has been kind of a running joke for me as well. You can always do like I do and blame it on the sniper in the bushes. ;-) That sniper has followed me down sidewalks, into malls, airports, stairwells...remarkably good aim, that sniper.

The Incubator

Now you understand why you were born into a family that would intermitently hand out a "grace award." It was not named for Grace Kelly:) Hope you will be healed for our NYC venture where we will be vertically challenged!


Yes, as The Incubator said, it is for sure in the genes. I was voted "Clumsiest" in my class at Moorpark College....there is a picture of me in the yearbook next the Emu, Julio, as he was voted clumsiest animal. Later, Julio turned out to be a Julia....but that's another story.

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