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March 22, 2010


Kate P

That is awesome. And I definitely have yard envy.


It sounds lovely. I have dreams of a nice porch with rocking chairs overlooking a large yard with hydrangeas, ferns and a dog or two. I'm happy you're happy :)

Anonymous Prep

Oh that does sound like a perfect day!

Heidi Renée

Our backyard hasn't been mowed in a year. :)

I just bought 30 Day Shred. I need some Jillian in my life!


Sounds wonderful:) We've had great weather out here this past week, so I really wish we had a yard/deck/porch/balcony--something! Right now I sit in the ray of sunshine that comes in the window. Sad, right?


Aww I'm so glad you love your house! When do we get to see pictures?

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