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February 05, 2010



You're Welcome - from a faithful reader who does not have a blog, so you don't have to feel pressured into reading it. ;)

Kate P

I think it would be really cool to see the shuttle launch! Yay for Colby's return and I hope the Saints can do it.


Yay! Have a great time with the hubby :) Lol....Who Dat!


aw yay for colby being back and woo for the superbowl! i think i'm rooting for both teams just because i like them both, haha.

The Incubator

Sooooo - maybe Colby would be the one "child" that would be interested in my scrapbook about the space program from whence I was a youthling???

The Incubator

P.S. I am sooooooo jealous:(


So glad he is coming home. Enjoy the time and have a *blast* at the launch. I have a photo of me as a young child with the 1969 apollo launch in the background. (Yes, I am old!)


Sorry the launch got scrubbed! Are y'all sticking around to try again tomorrow morning?

A Super Girl

Glad Colby is home and that you're getting back into blogging! I don't know how daily posters do it, I think posting as often as you feel like is just fine!

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