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January 13, 2010


Becky aka StinkyLemsky

I wished you lived in St. Louis! I work from home, so I too get stir crazy and ready to leave the house and somehow that urge is overcome by excuses WAY too often... (it's cold, nothing to do, etc).

My hubs keeps me company in the evenings of course, but there are some social activities that are just more fun with the girls! :)

OH - and that credit report thing sounds fishy to me too!


I want to drink Shiraz and watch chick flicks with you and think about working out but not really do it and eat brownies instead. Yep. That sounds great.


Books + wine = yes!
tea parties = yes!
exercise = eh, maybe

I like the word you used for your title. I'll have to use that some time soon :)


Poor Baby~

Oh, another good cheap wine to add to your wine rack is Bare Foot - Pinot says on the bottle its new, but my friend said its not. Either way it's cheap and sooo yummy! It's kinda peppery and oaky, if you like that sorta blend!

I wish I were there to play house with you in your new house and eat some brownies too:)


Book club at a wine shop is probably the best idea ever. I would so read the book for that kind of group.

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