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November 27, 2009


The Incubator

I am with you all the way, bunny girl! I will also envy your washer and dryer:(

Old Warrior

Don't be surprised when the Tigers don't dominate the Razorbacks today. The game is tomorrow. It's usually Friday but they moved it this year for TV reasons. However, the Tigers aren't likely to dominate the Razorbacks tomorrow either - unless somebody sneaks a new quarterback into one of the existing quarterback's jerseys. It would also be nice if the defensive secondary would be struck by lightning and magically learn how to play their positions. Others than that, it should be a great game.


Wait, you are leaving the new appliances for the renters? I guess you guys have a nice set in SC.

Here is wishing you safe and smooth move.

Angela Noelle

Oh, no!!  Were only leaving the refrigerator.  The fridge we have right now is one that we really love so we want to take it with us, but had to buy a replacement.  Were leaving our current washer and dryer for the renters and taking the shiny new ones with us :)


Lame that Colby was away, I'm counting on next year for you :) I am finally being reunited with my stuff (and my car!) this Tuesday after a month of homelessness--best wishes to you as you move!


Congratulations on all the big changes! (From houses to washer/dryers!) Sorry I've been MIA, I've been a little busy with my version of your Point #2. But your new house looks beautiful, I am jealous of your pond view. And enjoy your wine now, m'dear.

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