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November 12, 2009



Fantastic view to look at in the mornings! I think you are going to love that. :)



Oh, I love, love, love that screened in porch! The house is so cute! I bet you'll love it! Can wait to hear about all your decorating, rennovating and moving tales!


Yay! For all of it!


I want to visit you now! No, seriously. I'll be there like, in the Spring. I love it. It looks like a very great place for the 4 of you!


p.s. I just noticed the ceiling in the bedroom. Great!


Wow, I am seriously in love with your new house!

Congrats again! What a gorgeous home! :)


By the way, the view of the pond would have sold me on the spot!

Heidi Renée

That is a big, gorgeous house! My husband lived near Charleston for a while when he first joined the Navy, and has only good things to say about it.


oh love the home!!! so gorgeous. seriously the only other people i know SC have an amazing house too, maybe i should just move there :)


Wow the house looks amazing! I love the high-ceiling entryway. And the porch is awesome too!

A Super Girl

Super cute house!

As for what "home" means. My parents were raised in Nebraska and though I've never lived there, I say I'm going home when I go to visit. My parent's home is also still my home (and I refer to it as such). And then there's my definitive home, where the majority of my stuff resides.

I wonder if it's a military thing? Being an Army brat, I never got too attached to a "home". To me, "home" was where my family was and where I laid my head each night. And that could easily change. I've never gone so far as to say it's where my stuff lives. A temporary apartment could be home if that's where I'm sleeping for awhile!

Kate P

That looks great. I hope you will have many happy times there!

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