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September 14, 2009



Again, such gorgeous pictures! I'm glad you guys ended up kayaking :) I've never gone in the ocean, but I've done 'river kayaking' and it is fun! Glad you have such an enjoyable time and tried new things ;)

Old Warrior

Your floating tube is still in the boat port. I've been thinking about tossing them but it sounds like you may want to pick it up on your way to Charleston. I think the floaties are gone though.


This post should be renamed "Scenery Porn".


Everytime someone mentions the new name for Chinaman's Hat, I get confused. They film Lost all the time out there, but they have to digitally erase those landmarks. Most of the cast lives on that side, which kind of amazed me given the commute to the north shore, where they film all the beach scenes (which is where they mostly were in the first two seasons).


seriously so pretty, i love all the pictures, just makes me want to vacation right this second.

Chelsea Talks Smack

Oh my gosh, SO BEAUTIFUL!

Becky aka StinkyLemsky

Mmm - cookie corner! :)


Gorgeous! This post officially makes me want to visit Hawaii!

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