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September 09, 2009



It sounds like we're in about the same position with work :/ However, we both live pretty fabulous lives, so that's good news!

I wish I could have been in Seattle for the LSU invasion! What a fun day that must have been!

As far as being a notary...I like the way you think. $20/10 minutes of work = let's do it!


Is it true that all Southern girls are a bit whiny too? Oh wait, I guess it is!

** ice burn **


oh yay for football gams, i love college football, so much fun!

but boo for car issues, seriously those are the worse, ugh.


Ooh, car things suck. I hope it's something easy and cheap!


Wow is that what life in the South is like? If so, sign me up, I'm moving with you.


Apparently, that IS what the south is like...just ask all of the illegals that are here! Sorry, about all of the stressors in your life right now...I've got em to, and it's not fun:( We missed you last weekend...hopefully we can all land in BR at the same time at Christmas. Love you!


Charleston sounds lovely; I travel out there every once in a while--maybe we can meet up! Sorry to hear about the car :(


I swear, car repairs always come at the worst possible moment -- I got a flat tire when I was laid off and had to have all four replaced so they were now "even." Ugh.

How do the real estate prices in Charleston compare to Seattle? Are you going to be down there by Nov. 21? We'll be there from Nov. 21 - 28 visting my mom in Beaufort.

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