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September 24, 2009


Sarah V

Hey Angela, I see some of the books I passed along in your recent reads list. Hope they've been enjoyable :)


Have you looked out your window yet today? Do you see what this post did? It blew our cover!


I'm so glad that TV is back on the air b/c I sometimes just needed the veg time after work on some days. I'm probably crazy but I really don't mind the 60s or even 50s weather -- better than the rain any day.


it's been in the 100s here and i'm sort of ready for some fall weather to kick in. i miss my jeans and sweaters, most of the time.

Heidi Renée

Yeah, still in the 100s or close to it in central California. Not a fall color in sight. It's... weird.

Kate P

Can't wait to hear which shows you are watching. "Glee" didn't exactly grab me, but it might grow on me, I think.

Polka! I remember trying to polka at a dance in college--fun and crazy. I don't think it was anywhere near "authentic" but I'll bet it is at the Oktoberfest you go to.

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