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August 25, 2009


Becky aka StinkyLemsky

Looking forward to reading about your next adventure & glad you made it to Duke's! I went to the one on Kauai and the food there was Dee-ee-elicious, but drinks count too, of course! :)

Old Warrior

A few personal experiences of Oahu from my various Air Force transits over the years:

- Waikiki beach is man-made! Pumped in sand with mud only a few inches below the sand out in the water. Even the first time in 1970 (with about 1/3 the population) I was surprised at how small and crowded it was. However, you could park at a meter on the beach road.

- I lost water injection (30% of the total thrust) on a KC-135 east runway max weight takeoff from Hickam in July 1972. Unable to climb until enough weight got burned off, I had to continue straight ahead to avoid losing lift and hitting the ground - the runway bearing is right across Waikiki Beach direct at Diamond Head. I slipped in just enough right bank to miss Diamond Head and passed about a hundred yards out in the water from the Waikiki tourists at about 50 feet above the wave tops. Quite an image to have in mind next time you're there floating on the waves enjoying the sun.

- My first instructor pilot came back from the Pacific after WWIIand spent a week at Hickam. He thought that Waikiki was pretty and UNDEVELOPED, so he used his saved up pay and some Poker winnings to buy a couple of acres fronting on the beach. After he sold it in the 60's he continued flying for the Air Force for fun. His sale price was cash plus a free beach view Penthouse apartment at the top of the building.

- Some people buy shoes and some people buy property

The Incubator

It sounds like your crappy rental PT Cruiser was as "nice" as our crappy rental Dodge Caliber.


as much fun as i had in oahu, i totally agree that it is so touristy. i totally love kauai more, so serene and less people and awesome all around. and ummmm love your pics can i please go to hawaii again now please!? :)


I think I told you before that I'm not a fan of Waikiki either, so I'm hoping you got to make it to some of the more remote areas of Oahu -- but no where near as relaxing as the outer islands. Sorry about telling you Diamond Head was easy -- I just don't remember it being that difficult and I know you're in way better shape than me (that's not to say I didn't sweat though!).


I've never been to Hawaii before, but I can understand how touristy it is. I'd love to check out any of the islands, though, and seeing your photos and everything y'all did makes me want to go even more!


For those wanting to "get away to serene Kauai," I would recommend doing it soon. A lot of land has been rezoned to allow more development and there's going to be a lot of "building up" in the next several years... My family has had many discussions regarding development and how visitors build up their expectations of what "Hawaii should be like" based on WWII movies and the Visitors' Bureau's propaganda stream.

Ang, I'm dying to hear how your day in Kailua went!!! (BTW, I "did" Diamond Head with an old college roommate when E was 4 and ended up piggy backing him most of the way.)

And I've been contemplating selling my VA house to buy a condo in Waikiki for a long time. Can't even TOUCH a decent property there!


Oahu has its likable qualities, but I personally like the other islands more. I'm from Maui, so naturally I think it is the best. Kauai comes in close second.

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