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August 29, 2009


Kate P

Well, as someone older than you, I have to know: if I don't own a house and I'm not married, am I not a grown-up yet? Not that I mind! But yeah, in spite of the fact that I'm mistaken for younger, there are some clothing styles I won't wear because they're too young for me.

I always say that that "old" is defined as "ten years older than you are," if that helps.


Mema used to always say that, and at the time I certainly didn't quite "get it". But now, that I am nearly 37, married for 16 years, home owner, and mother to an 8 year old and a 5 year old...I GET IT!!!! I think "how can a '17 year old' have such a "grown up" life. Geez, how can Gunner be 8 & come up to my collar bone and I be only 17, weird huh? SO, George Burns and Mema got it right!!!


Aww what a great post. It's amazing when you look at your age and where you're at in your life and see how fast you've grown and try to see when exactly it happened. Crazy.


Great post Angela! I could not agree with you more. Growing up happens when you are out there doing things in your own time, and under your own rules.

And remember you are only old as you feel. :)


LOVE this post. I'm 31, and couldn't relate to this post more! Especially this part: "Sometimes I pick up a shirt, or a dress, or a headband that I really love, but I put it back down because really it's too young for me."

Exactly. Yes. Why do we put the headband back down??! I'll never know, but I think we should wear it.


This runs through my head all the time....and Grayson is about to be one. How can I be "old" enough to be someone's mother? I still feel like a kid all the time, although my birthday a few weeks ago pushed me even closer to 40. I do say that I'm too old for some things.....of course, I still shop at Buckle.


I think it's interesting how each generation seems to stay "younger" than the previous one. I agree with you that being young does't mean shirking your responsibilities, but it's doing things like continuing to go to concerts and playing Rockband at 35 (which apparently my mother thought was strange).


As someone who's turning 30 this year, I would still turn in the majority of my adult responsibilities to be able to ride roller coasters all day. Wheeeeee!


i love this. i've always had that wary feeling about growing up, not getting older but growing up for sure. and i think with the whole engaged thing i finally feel a bit closer to it. maybe one day i'll get there all the way.

A Super Girl

I'm 28 and definitely am not an adult. Or so I think.


Beautifully written, lady. Growing up is so weird, and you can never pinpoint the moment it is when it happens. For me? I don't know if I consider myself a 'grown up.' But hey, I pay bills, I have a real person job, I own a dog and am responsible for her well-being. It's crazy how these things happen, and they happen without us taking note until later.


Not that it really matters to anyone here, but I just re-read what I wrote, AND, I am about to be 36, NOT 37...haha!


It matters to me Shelley.


Thank you Kendra:) Us gals over 30 gotta stick together:)


I'm definitely not quite as established in life as you are, but as my friends make babies and buy houses and I start looking at things differently I'm wondering what happened to seventeen. Sometimes I feel exactly the same and sometimes I feel so different, but the years have just flown by.

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