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July 22, 2009



Awww, she's precious! I can't have a cat, Tom is allergic to cats and if he's around them too much, they trigger his asthma.

Old Warrior

Shredded drapes, shredded upholstery, smell of ammonia, hairballs, unhappy dogs, unhappy husband, and unhappy Daddy. I know from experience that the last one is not a factor but you really should consider all of the others.


She really is adorable, and I love the Harty Potter name! I do have to say that the main things I don't like about cats are that even though they're so cute and cuddly when they're young, that doesn't mean they'll stay that way. Horribly unpredictable. I also don't like that even if you change the litter box every five minutes, the whole house smells like cats. Maybe you could teach her to use the loo!


Oops, I totally meant Harry! Damn phone!


would that be the actual kitty? she is precious!!! personally, i prefer cats because they rarely smell, can be very loving, and yes you don't hva eto pay attention to them 24/7. best of luck and i hope you get your piggy!

Kate P

Awww, what a cute little fluffball.

I've had cats since I was 10. My mom made the mistake of taking two daughters to pick out one kitten, so we got two. I guess my dad had agreed to one cat, but the conversation with my brother when Dad got home from work went like this:

Dad: Where are Mom and the girls?
Bro: They took the cats to the vet.
Dad: They what?
Bro: Took the cats to the vet.
Dad: Why do you keep saying "cats," with an "s"?

20-some years later. . . my parents have four!

Hoping for the best outcome so that everybody's happy. :)


Guys are easy; just promise him some sexual favors in exchange for getting the cat.



Your dogs are bigger, so I can understand why you need a cuddle bug. Do your dogs get along with cats? Mine go crazy around them, so I don't think it would work. And I like the name :)

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