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July 01, 2009



That's OK, I have enough hang-ups and unfulfillment for both of us. ;)

(Is unfulfillment even a word? The Smarts, I seem to have lost them.)

Becky aka StinkyLemsky

I had jury duty last year (though for me I wasn't chosen and only wasted 1/2 a morning). When I was there, they pretty much accepted any excuse because the court docket was pretty light. You shouldn't have any problem with missing that day.

Have fun tomorrow!


That sucks that you have five different dates to report to -- that's quite a bit for someone to have to get excused from work. I got called once in TX and sat around for a few hours until they filled their pools and was dismissed. I got called in HI and had to serve on a civil trial for 2 1/2 days. It was kind of interesting for such a short time period, but I would've hated it had it run longer (and fortunately, work was slow).

Enjoy your summer off -- maybe you could cheat the system and sell off some of the stuff that you're not using any more? :)


Good for you for not shopping for new clothes and shoes. That is very impressive!

Kate P

Jury duty is confusing everywhere. I've gotten a summons a few times (especially after I change the address on my driver's license, hmmmm), but never been called. Hope things work out in your favor.


Your summer? It sounds absolutely AMAZING. I would love to be able to take care of everything I need to at my home, be able to work out, and still be able to hang out with my friends. Gah. It sounds perfect.

Keep it up, lady!

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