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July 16, 2009



Friends always used to laugh when I went on vacation to Idaho or Montana. Then a couple of them went on a recruiting trip for work -- now, they're just jealous. I think that's quite possibly my favorite part of the country.


oh love the pictures! and glad you had such a great trip, i've only been to montana briefly and it was lovely.

ps. as i wrote this comment "for good" came on. heart wicked, just heart it. :)


That sounds like a great trip! I'm so glad you had fun!!!


What a cool trip. Montana looks gorgeous!

I'm wishing for an endless summer too.


Love that picture of you looking out on the waterfall. Sounds like a neat trip--but a big scare with your Dad. My goodness!

I look forward to reading back on your posts and catching up on what you're up to the past few months!

Kate P

What a thrilling trip you had! Welcome back. :)


I'm jealous of your summer vacation (both of them!). Glad to hear your dad's okay -- I'm sure that was scary to watch. Btw, do you still want some things to do on Oahu or Kauai (Ted knows Kauai pretty well)?

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