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June 29, 2009


Fraulein N

That is my idea of a Weekend from Hell. The two fears you named are definitely in my top five.



You poor thing! What a tragedy! I was just like you with the party thing and I don't think I ever had a party until I was about 30 and had a superbowl party. People actually showed up and talked about it later as being fun but I think it had to do with the alcohol as much as anything.

It sounds like a great hike... for someone like me... I'm sorry you had to endure but being the Colby one in our relationship, we do appreciate your trying it! :)




Well, I thought it was a LOVELY party. Very fun and classy. And I think the size was perfect too. I dub it a smashing success :)


A Super Girl

I have the same fear when it comes to planning parties. And I've had the same thing happen when no one shows up. A Tupperware party was one, my birthday was another (1 person was going to show up to that, and I decided to blow it off because of the low turnout!)

I'm sure it's just a fluke, but you're totally not alone!


i always worry about parties too, it's fun to throw them i just always worry about people showing up. and i've definitely had the minimal show up before, not fun, but hey it happens right?

and um you'd have to pay me to hike up vertical paths. no thank you.

la petite belle

awwww. you are a better person than I am, I get secretly upset when people dont show up to my events.


I am so with you on the height thing. Rob keeps telling me of the zip line he wants to do on our beach vacation sometimes in the near future, and I keep fringing at the thought of that and/or parasailing. I prefer ground, ground is my favorite! :)


So it looks like my post disappeared lol. But I meant to say cringe, instead of fringe. haha


I have the same fear with parties, so I usually keep anything I host to a small group, since people seem more obligated to show up for dinner than parties. And I always make an effort to go to things that I've RSVP'd too, unless I get sick (which I just realized is what happened with your tea party -- crap!).

I'm so sorry that we were so late on Sat -- I had a feeling that was happening when you sent the text -- we just got a bit of a late start waiting for the girls to show up and then Ted came home and then we took wrong turns. But, we had a good time and it was great to see you again. If you're ever up here and want to get together, let me know!


I would totally be frustrated if I were in your shoes with the jewelry party! It drives me NUTS when people say yes and something "comes up" and they can't make it. Mostly because those things that "come up" could have been predicted half the time. If you know you're selling your house, don't tell someone you are definitely going to attend a function! The same thing happened with me this weekend when I MOVED. I had six people tell me they couldn't make it, four of which were going to be out of town. How do you not know you're going to be out of town on family vacations?!

But, I do think that happens to everyone, so it's not you at all!


that is one of my biggest fears too! i hate when people say that they are going to do something and then don't show up/let you know they aren't coming :(


I totally thought I was a good wife for going golfing but whoa - you win, sister! :)

Kate P

Oh, my gosh, the heights--that description of snow bridge totally had me nauseated.

As for the home parties, yeah, I'm doing one of those in a couple weeks and am worried no one will show up, either. Maybe if I promise them drinks?

Melissa B

I can totally relate to you with the party issue. I have stopped trying, since I never have much success with the parties I plan or the parties that others plan for me. Maybe one day I will gather up the nerve to try again.

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