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June 12, 2009



And for what it's worth, you wouldn't have that boring, office job now anyway :) I'm sure that you will somehow find a way to make those Crocs look stylish.


you did not quit. She fired your ass!

Angela Noelle

LOL!! Oh man, you're so right! I completely forgot that I was fired--how weird! Good thing you know more about my life than I do so you can correct my memory :)


Hey, James Bond comments on your site, Angela! And he's psychic!


DUde I don't shame on the Crocs purchases. I have two pairs. I don't care what anyone says, they're comfy.

Kate P

Doesn't chef Mario Batali wear crocs? That's cool enough for me. What styles and colors did you get???


Your life and my life sound pretty similar.

Shall we work on this together or what?


I know exactly how you feel...

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