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June 24, 2009


Becky aka StinkyLemsky

Thanks for your comments on my blog lately! I had to nod in agreement with your post - teaching is so much more than you'd ever imagine before you go into it (I was never a full time teacher but I did sub for 5 years during college & just after).


I was looking at your list as "A Teacher" and frankly, that IS the role of *parents* too. I agree with 1-5 and 8. I remember, too, thinking that I hoped the daycare was telling me everything that needed to be told about my child because I know that I have rose colored glasses about her and I do need that heads up. I guess it's hard not to take it personally about the way you are raising your child (which is why people get cranky) but honestly, I would think our goal is that want to raise them so other people (as we as ourselves) will WANT to be around them. At least it is for me. :)


I think you hit on a good comment re: being a parent. Parents do need to get a clue. I'm not saying all kids are liars, but open your eyes that they do the same things we do, which includes lie.

la petite belle

yeah... i think you are right!


I think that you're still a babysitter, even when they're in high school. After hearing stories from other teachers, I was honestly amazed at how bad some of the parents could be nowadays -- and how the burden of proof is on the teacher, not the child.

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