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June 01, 2009



Oh Angela, I'm sorry about the whole moving away part. Yeah know, ever since I graduated from college I haven't had any close friends (except one but she doesn't live close by) to count on. I try to keep a friendship going but people get so wrapped up themselves or the lives they are comfortable with and don't seem to be open for others to befriend them. It hurts, but I also think that if they aren't willing then there's a reason and I need to move on too. The girls I used to be very close with have changed so much from the days ago and we are on completely different levels now and don't even talk anymore. That too hurts because after 10 years you'd think a simple text, short phone call, FB message or quick email would be possible. Somehow it doesn't seem they find it possible.


I'm glad you were able to find such great friends -- even if it took a little bit of time, it sounds like it was worth it to find the right group. Hopefully, reaching out to new people will be easier as you move around more. I met Ted through a group that I found online (not a singles thing) and showed up to that not knowing a soul and by myself. That was so hard for me, but it seems to get easier each time.


Aww finding good friend are hard but with the right amount of time, you can find new ones that you can connect with and build relationships with. It just takes time.


I think it's natural to be sad and feel lonely as you say goodbye to your local friends. But look at it this way, wherever you move, you will have a new opportunity to meet some cool people and make new memories, while still keeping in touch with your old friends. Like someone said, it just takes time.


That was a lovely post - and so true! Good friends are hard to come by, but once you find them, it's like being at home.


Aww, that's so sweet! Moving is definitely one of the harder parts about this life ... but I have to ask, are you moving? Did I miss that bit of information?


I'm late to this post...but just had to say, that is one of my favorite poems. I love the parallel you draw to friendships. It's so true. And certainly the reward is worth the effort it takes to reach out and make those bonds in the first place. (I say as though I have not struggled with just that exact dilemma over the last several years.)


What a heartfelt post. I think your friends will be missing you too.

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