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May 12, 2009



You're the first person I've heard of that was somewhat bored with Star Trek, though we haven't seen it yet. Did you got to Tacoma's roller derby? I've seen the Seattle version many times but only once since they moved to Key Arena and it wasn't the same being so far away from the rink.

What did you think of the last GG? I thought it felt disjointed with the Lily flashbacks -- not sure I need another show about rich kids in L.A., though the 80s might be a little fun (though I dont' remember "as if" being popular until Clueless came out in the 90s).


I'm not even going to bother going to see Star Trek - never had the slightest interest in it. Sounds like a fun weekend overall though :) I hope you feel better, darling! Hugs!


I'm not sure yet if I'm going to see Star Trek either. It's up in the air. I've thought about seeing one of the opera broadcasts at my local theater. Of course it's not like being THERE, but I've thought it would be a nice option. I'll keep it on my life of things to do and thanks for the reminder! As for your readership...I'm sorry to hear about the mess. Honestly, you probably have the readership I do, probably even MORE...HAHA I usually only get under 8 views a day. ::whimper::


I liked Star Trek. I'm also a massive JJ Abrahms fan but thought it was pretty good. True though, I'll still watch Star Wars more than this.

A Super Girl

I went to a Detroit Roller Derby for the first time and loved it. I also thought I could do it, even though I'm a mini me with no athletic ability. Needless to say, my friends laughed at the thought of it.

That sucks about your blog readers. It takes so much work to build a following, it makes me hurt FOR YOU :-)


You really have me curious about roller derby now. May have to look into that.

Fraulein N

You're always so fabulously busy! I wasn't interested in seeing Star Trek, but I've been hearing so many good things about it I may let the Mister talk me into seeing it.

That sucks about losing your readers. I wish I could help put the word out, or something.


I'm still reading! I just haven't followed you at the new URL yet! Stupid work computer.

P.S. and by the way, are you on Twitter?


I am not big fan of sci-fy movies, but I will be going to see Star Trek this weekend. I remember I used to watch it as a kid and found the captain (bold guy) very easy on the eyes. lol

Plus I really want to see Hero's guy, play something other than love to hate guy, although something tells me that he is going to turn into a bad guy anyway.


It sounds like a lovely weekend! I've never had any experiences with Star Trek, and I don't plan on seeing the movie. I'm sure a lot of my friends would be appalled at that. C'est la vie.

And the roller derby? Aren't those things AWESOME and completely random and intense?

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