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May 21, 2009


Kate P

There's the other meaning for "pound cake," I guess.

But, um, isn't the stuff at the Factory Store the stuff that fits only freaks of nature, anyway? In my neck of the woods it is.


i don't remember, but do you have a Wii? i just bought the EA Active for it, and i think i'm going to enjoy using it. pairing that with the Wii Fit and running... hopefully i'll get in shape before i know it. hopefully.


I have Wii Fit, but it gets a little old after awhile. Now Mario Kart does never get old. Why is that?!! lol

Thank you for the Starbucks warning, I love to get their banana chocolate chip cake from time to time, and it's super super delicious, but it's probably up there with lemon pound cake calorie wise! Sheesh they should have labels on everything!

Anyway, hope you have a fantastic long weekend!

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