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May 05, 2009



you're evil... now i'm craving sonic.

and i highly recommend rock band for the Wii. i love mine, even though they don't have the full catalog of downloadable content up yet. they are working on it though!


Have you tried Wii Mario Kart? That thing is addicting!!!! But I love it!

Glad you are getting some sunshiny days there, but I think you sent over all that evil rain our just won't stop raining, I kid you not! :P


There is a Sonic opening about 35 minutes from my house and I cannot wait! I've only been there once, because the nearest one is in PA, but I absolutely love it <3

And yes, I was also wondering if you sent your weather our way. I think one of the weather guys said on the news "It will be nonstop rain until the weekend. This is Seattle weather." Haha, glad you have sunshine though!


I got stopped at "half a pound of fudge"...


I love that you are so excited about the Sonic! My favorite is their corn dogs and of course, cherry limeade. There is one just a stone's throw from my front yard, but it is the opposite direction of my usual travel so I can limit my indulgences.

Kate P

I love that you used the word "passel." Man, we still don't have Sonic in my part of PA. (Where are you, Caro?) I think I'd have to drive at least half an hour to get to the closest one!


That is so bizarre about the domain stealer person. Who does that?!

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