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May 29, 2009



yay for your happiness. i like your countdowns, especially until Harry Potter :)

what has me excited about life? that's easy. i'm taking a trip to NYC for a week in October. and if that's not exciting, i don't know what is.


yayyy to all of that. sounds so fabulous! i wish i had a green thumb, i'm so planting challenged, haha.

Kate P

Aw, yay for your green thumb! And I am a big fan of shorter commutes--good for you. I do think that Philly's weather got switched with yours by accident, though. ;)

Not much exciting for me, except that after working a ton this week (major comedown from awesome weekend away), I'm not scheduled to work this weekend. I might actually get the chance to work on my writing.


The weather here has been almost too nice, hasn't it? That's great that you'll be able to shorten your commute next year. So does this mean you pretty much have the summer off from school and work? If you ever come into "the city," let me know!


I would love to have enough space to plant a garden, herbs and more flowers than the small measly pot I have on our back patio. Can't wait to see photos :) The weather has been be-a-utiful here too and it makes me wish I was retired and could lounge in the shade on a hammock.

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