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April 14, 2009



Can I claim residence on your undiscovered island too?


AMEN sister!!!! Maybe you shouldn't call me just yet, I feel the same way about life right now, so I won't be able to cheer you up! I guess when we do talk we can keep it real and commiserate (sp?). I had one of those days too. Remember in Father of the Bride when steve martin is freaking out over hotdog buns? He says something to the effect of: 'everyones lives whose lives are going great, take one step forward...not so fast george banks'. Well, I feel like george banks!!!! I love you, and of course, it is going to get better, oneday!!


Should we book a trip then? I'm needing a little escape from reality myself these days. Ha! I feel your pain--hang in there!


Just look at these times a down payment on future happiness. Because how can we really define what is happy without it somehow being relative to all those other, more annoying emotions?

Then again all you probably want to hear is that everything is going to be OK. Which it will, by the way.


I thought I was the only one feeling this way. Some days are great, and some days I just want to curl up in bed or take a trip somewhere far, far away! I've been looking into a long vacation in the Mexico region but only to be told that I should be extra careful if I go in case a drug cartel decides to come into my resort and either kidnap me or kill me. Ugh!!!!!!!! So much for getting away.

Well I hope both of our lives get better. I know it will, but I am impatient like you and want it all now. Thankyouverymuch!



Eh, Capris ain't so great. Plus, you'd miss the poochies. Love you!


I'd send some San Diego sun, but Capri stole it.

I haven't registered my car in CA, huh. I actually got a ticket in Arkansas for registration, but it was my own dumb fault. And its also the reason I got in the car wreck (different car though). I think they should stop with that requirement. Call Obama.

Good for you on the silver lining.
Mine tarnished.


Amen! I'd rather be in Capri, too.

La Petite Chic

Oh, hon, I am right there with you. Just keep repeating, "Tomorrow is another day..." Hugs.


I'll join you in Capri as well. Ted and I are so hoping to have some time to get away some where before I start a new job...somewhere warmer and with some sun. I like Jay's advice, though, on this time being a down payment for the good ones to come.


Ugh, I've had those days, those weeks even, when I just want to run away and start fresh as somebody else.

Maybe you could stalk the cop and put a banana in his tailpipe.

Operation Pink Herring



When you figure out how to do that (resign from your current life), let me know. It seems that we are usually on the same cycle (not THAT cycle, for pete's sake).

Cycle is the word of the day. Because we know it's just a cycle in our life, we know we'll also have the good stuff.

I think that's gonna happen for both of us. xoxoxo

You can tell when I'm in that cycle because I quit visiting my friend's blogs (no matter HOW much I care about them!)


Hey, just had to laugh because this was how I felt earlier in the week. :) Wedding stress.

Speaking of which, I need help deciding between two dresses. Come distract yourself for a few minutes and give me your thoughts. :)

La Petite Belle

awww, I hope it gets better!

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