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March 13, 2009



If you had the 9th grade geography teacher I had, you might also thing that California has lots of equators, and that volcanoes are made from sunken ships that pile up in the ocean. Really. On the embarrassed side, I am a little ashamed to call you my friend right now. Just a little;)

I will be SO TOTALLY EXCITED if Britty can get to BR. She told me she might try, but didn't think she could, so oh my god! That would be so fantastic! The last time I saw her was Christmas of 2007! EEEEEKKKK!!!!


Buh!! BR here I come!! I can't wait!! I love having things to look forward to ;)


umm yeah i thought greece was an island too. whoops. but yay for a fun weekend and baton rouge, woo!


I was going to tell you that my 8th grade history teacher taught us that the U.S. had 48 states, but shani topped me.

Operation Pink Herring

I just Google-mapped it, and it sure LOOKS like it's connected to land, but I can't really be sure since everything is in Greek. This is America! When I google "Athens, Greece", I want to see a fucking pointer that says "Athens, Greece", not "Athínai, Greece" because I can't really be sure we're talking about the same Greece, now can I? And I can't think of any other cities that I'm positive are in Greece (Sparta? Is that still a city? Not according to Google Maps...)

You blew my mind with this whole Greece is not an island thing. Alaska, that I knew... but there are lots of Alaskan islands, to be fair. I don't fault you for that one!

Becky aka Stinkylemsky

Good news? Well, I heard the birds chirping all day today through my open windows - if that's not good news, I don't know what is!

The Incubator

Let's go back a little farther in teacher history -- what happened to the "Greek Isles"? Just asking?


Well that sun was certainly short lived and disappaeared just in time for our weekend, didn't it?

I think the confusing part about Greece is the fact that it does have so many little islands that are only reachable by ferry.


I believe it was you and this exceptionally chipper post that scared away all of our warm weather. A pox on you!


I'm pretty good with geography, but when it comes to Africa, I'm blurry where all the countries are.

But hey on another note, I could so see you vacationing in Greece. Just saying! ;)


I thought the same thing about Greece when I was younger. You are NOT alone. (:

And I'm so excited that you are going to Baton Rouge! Where do you plan on visiting? And what will you do while there?

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