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March 20, 2009



Yikes, Angel. Love you!


Honey, if you truly knew my 'daily routine', you would feel much better about yours, I promise!

Keep a smile on that pretty face of yours :) Hugs!


Yes... but... you're going to Louisiana in like, 2 weeks. And you're gonna see ME! I know that doesn't help with the here and now... but... it's a light at the end of the tunnel! Is it awful that I'm making myself the light at the end of your tunnel? Only because your mine!

Becky aka StinkyLemsky

Hang in there. :) Who knows, maybe you'll see a plastic bag blowing in the street and be inspired (American Beauty style) to write the world's next great blog post. :)


There are little grey rain clouds even in San Diego...and I am blaming part of my rain cloud on the Coast Guard and am jealous you're past this point! You should come over, we can eat cheese and graham crackers together.


Surely you have some outside interest beyond work, right? Go get crazy with your friends and bring a camera. Just keep it PG-13, OK? There are tweens reading this blog you know.

Kate P

Cheese and cereal sounds like a bachelorette dinner--you need a hug!

It all cycles, I think. And hey, what happened with the SHOES???


Wow. Are we in the same blog rut or what? How funny. Maybe it's a time of blogging thing since we both started about the same time. We're middle-aged bloggers looking for a mid-life crises, aren't we? (wink)

I was bummed about Alexis too. I think Michael or Scott should have gone adn I could lose Meagan and not cry over it. I know she's pretty, but she's very quirky. Didn't realize she'd changed her name though. Hmm...


I've been feeling pretty much the same way about my blog lately.


Well, maybe one updside is that at least there's no bad news to report? :( This is the time of year when Northwesterners all deserve a trip down to southern California.

A Super Girl

Don't worry, my life is equally dull. No matter how dull life gets, though, I'll still be reading (as will lots of other people!).

Hope you come out of your rut soon. I've heard lots of Ben & Jerry's helps :-)


Life over here is dull too. OMG two years since you last went to the dentist? I go every six months. I'm anal about it.


I read your latest post first so I have to laugh at you saying you're boring. You had a really cool sounding "boring" weekend. I wish my life were as "boring" as yours. :))


Old Warrior

Poor parenting is the source of all of our faults, bad habits, and crummy attitude. If only Adam and Eve hadn't screwed up.

Hey, you can look it up. It's right there in Wikipedia - or the other Bible.

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