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March 06, 2009



I am feeling somewhat blue today too....but first let me give you a BIG HUG and let you know I hear you loud and clear....we are used to traveling more frequently and due to losing the majority of our retirement in the market we're curtailing a lot of our extracaricular fun....I'm sorry you feel taken for granted and that Colby didn't attentd the talent show....that had to hurt...but know that he wouldn't do anything to deliberately hurt not being on his radar is probably nothing more then not knowing how truly important it was to you and perhaps being overwhelmed with his work. All I can say is communicate how you're feeling and try to be more serious about some of the things you joke about and he will pick on on the neccessity to do the same. Marriage is always unjulating with goods,bads and in-betweens..hang in there!


So I have this theory about crappy February. I think February is the Tuesday of the months. It's cold and bleak and dark and wet and nowhere close to the middle of anything. The exciting newness of January has worn off, resolutions are, for the most part, broken and blah old February hits and then sort of ruins the beginning of March because, hi, you've been STUCK IN FEBRUARY.

I also have a theory that in the middle of March, everything seems to look up and get much happier . .. so just wait for it, darling. It will come.


There are a million reasons for feeling the way you do, and all of them are perfectly valid. February is a crappy month, and I can only imagine what it must be like in a state that gets so very little sunshine as it is -- you've probably got a little Seasonal Affective Disorder on top of all the other things going on.

I sincerely hope you two get out this weekend and have some FUN. Doesn't matter what you do -- just go out, spend money, soak up the outside, and enjoy each other's company.

(And check back in with us next week and tell us how you're doing!)


i have to say, I agree with kateastrophe about February being just a bad month in general. I've been feeling about the same as you lately, and can't pull myself out of it. Work seems to suck more every day, and wanting to strangle dear darling hubby the minute I get home every day doesn't help. At this point I'm majorly relying on my trip back to LA to cheer me up--come on Baton Rouge, don't let me down! I hope your tri to Tony's wedding has the same effect on you. Plus we'll get to see each other, so there's the bright spot. Meantime, deep breaths...

Operation Pink Herring

First of all, let me agree with katastrophe. Don't underestimate the winter blues, especially in Seattle. People may discount it along with the "it's that time of the month" excuse, but I can tell you for certain that I have about 90% more bad mood, no-good-can-happen days in February than I do in June.

Secondly, if misery loves company then let me just pull up a chair and pour you a glass of wine. Or tequila. These past few weeks have been brutal and I sort of want to cry. WHEN WILL IT END?

Becky aka StinkyLemsky

I can TOTALLY relate with your situation... I STILL don't know if I got the job I've been interviewing for (they said they 'hoped' to get back to me by this weekend - well, I doubt I'll hear anything now that it's 2:40 on a Friday!), and I'm sick of not knowing whether I'll be working at a desk or waiting tables four weeks from now!

However, PioneerWoman lives in Oklahoma, so you could be BFFs if you had to move there....
:) Hang in there!

Heidi Renée

My husband is in the military, too. He's been away from home for a month waiting for his new orders. Nothing's guaranteed, but it's looking like we'll be sent to Buttcrack, California. The one place we didn't want to go. So I get to drive literally coast to coast... with three angry cats. I also constantly get the feeling that my husband doesn't think my job is very important... even though I have a sweet work from home situation that I can keep no matter where we go. Ugh. Is it April yet?

Kate P

That was a key thing you said: "I find parenting other people's kids exhausting." I don't know how you do it!

Food for thought--for anybody who is part of a couple--my friend is a marriage counselor and years ago he said to me that there are two kinds of giving in love: self-giving and for-giving (forgiving). I don't know what made me want to say that right now, but there you have it.

Hang in there--Spring is on its way.


Aww, I'm sorry you're feeling so blue, Ang. You know, you may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder--being in Washington, I wouldn't be surprised. This may not be the BEST advice . . . but a trip to the tanning bed may be in order. I would make regular trips during the Indiana winters, and I always felt LOADS better after being toasty for 10 minutes.

As for Colby, sigh, just tell him that it needs to be bigger ;-)


Wow. Did you give up booze for Lent as well? 'Cause life is always a scoach better at the bottom of the bottle. Unless your an alcoholic. Otherwise, drink up.


Yeah. My detailer tried to convince me to go to Oklahoma...

Hope you get your first choice!

And hang in there. It probably is seasonal.


Honestly, when people blog about the things that are getting them down, it makes me feel more normal -- I'm not the only one that feels these things, even if there's regret and/or a clear head afterward.

Sorry to hear about the kids causing you all that grief. I don't think I could be a teacher for that very reason, and I think kids get away with far more, even in school, than they did 20 years ago.

Your two dream vacations sound wonderful. My mom lives between Charleston and Savannah and the area is really pretty -- I love historic Charleston and you'd love shopping on King Street :)

Even though I've been laid off, I can't help but troll the travel sites and torture myself with all of these travel discounts. It kills me that I can't go anywhere, when I've finally built up the vacation time and the rates are so much lower than the past few years.


And, I made all kinds of vows to blog every day and now have not since Friday myself. Oh well. We do our best, right? Actually, right now I'd really rather get back into blog reading again--I've missed hearing what was going on in the lives of blog friends like you. I hope things get better soon--I certainly get where you are and also the state of mind you have about feeling dismissed with Colby. Been there...and it's a very touchy subject for me too. I think it is less that it is true for our guys and more that they just don't "get it." Maybe the testosterone clouds their brains? (wink)


Hey Ang, oh boy do I hear you. A few days ago about anything set me off and I couldn't really explain it. Maybe it's the month, maybe it's just impatience, not sure really, but getting some extra sleep this weekend did help a lot. And so did the excercise. Have you taken a walk lately? It really helps clear up your mind a lot.

Hugs! And I hope you get to travel soon. I am so jealous of your travels even if they were a year ago. :) I miss Europe so much, I think about it almost everynight! It will be a year for me in April. Ugh.

P.S. I miss you on facebook!


two words: heart you. am going to send you an email tonight!

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