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March 09, 2009




Nobody 3.2 million years from now may know, but that doesn't make it less real.


i seriously love this post. simply amazing.

and yay for krispy kremes and trips! :)


Maybe that perspective was needed in order to collect yourself to have the conversation? When Ted has done something that frustrates me, I've found that I have to wait to calm down so I can talk about it normally b/c otherwise, I'm too upset and it turns into a fight. I'm glad that you guys were able to have that talk and you're planning a trip -- how fun!

A Super Girl

I was going to comment on the last post, but was gone all weekend and not at my computer.

I'm glad you and Colby talked and it sounds like he listened :-) the northeast will be a great trip. We're discussing a potential trip to Boston at some point this summer/fall.


Wow. Colby. You sure lucked out to get him, Angel. And he lucked out to get you. A perfect match!


Glad you had that important conversation...sounds like it turned out great for you guys.

Kate P


You're right--irritation comes and goes, thankfully. . . very exciting about the trip. If you're planning to hit Philly, I'd love to show you around!

Oh, this post was just excellent in so many ways.

Sometimes I feel like we're the only couple who get in fights over the SILLIEST things. (And even while we're glowering or I'm snapping mean things, I simultaneously feel righteous and ridiculous. Sigh.)

So glad you're getting to go on vacation! :)


I loved your post Ang! I'm glad you guys talked, and Colby listened and understood your feelings. Yay Colby!

Now that you are planning a trip, are you coming anywhere near Washington D.C.? :)

La Petite Chic

Aww, Angela, this was such a good post. It definitely made me smile. And hey, I second Jass...will you be in the DC area at all? :)

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