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March 02, 2009


Operation Pink Herring

I love the Charles shoes and the first pair... my god, what I wouldn't give to be able to wear heels that high. I love that WHBM dress so much that I'm trying to convince my mom to buy it to wear to my wedding.

Twitter misses you :)


I missed you on Facebook!

And I love all those shoes! But would you believe that I have never owned any red shoes? Shame, really! :)

I voted for Charles shoes, they look elegant but not over the top, and will not take away attention from the dress.


The first pair! Definitely!


I love #1 and #4. I'm terrified of shoes that high, but they ARE pretty. #2 and #3 look tap dancey to me and #5 looks painful.

I wish I still had friends getting married. Then I could actually USE the white house/black market gift card I've had sitting in my wallet FOR A YEAR. (Ok, was pg for much of the year, but STILL.)

Kate P

First, about school--I understand about the grade; I was there my first year when I had an info science course where I just could not meet the comments requirement on time each week and got points deducted. Frustrating, but that hard-earned B means way more than an A from "college days." You'll see the big picture when you get to the end. :)

The dress is very cute--I like all the shoes, but I too voted for the Charles Pomade because (1) I love slingbacks and (2) the dress already has a buckle on the belt and I'd rather that be the focal hardware, if that makes any sense whatsoever.


I like them all... which probably isn't a good sign.

They all look great! What a gorgeous dress. Bow chicka. :)

The internet is a HUGE time suck for me. Sigh. I need to practice more self control!


that dress is adorable. i love it. and i vote on the charles shoes, so cute!

La Petite Chic

I saw that dress in the catalog and loved it! It's going to look great on you!
P.S. I voted for the Charles David pair :)


LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! I love the black and white and then with some sassy red shoes :) you are going to look so hot!


I am 100% positive that you need the slingbacks.


That dress will look so cute on you. I voted for the Haidy b/c I liked the deeper red to go with the black/white, though the two sling backs are cute too. I think the two mary jane styles might be a bit busy with the print on the bottom of the dress.

Congrats on finishing that class and I, for one, am glad you're back to blogging more :)


For SURE the Charles Pomades. They're hot.

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