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February 26, 2009



I can understand why you're feeling separation anxiety - I don't think I could do that as I love to be in contact with my family too - kudos to you for your efforts!

Becky aka StinkyLemsky

I'm only recently on the FB bandwagon, but I have already really enjoyed checking in on the lives of my cousins (many of whom I see maybe once a year) and even friends from old jobs. I can totally understand what you mean!


Yeah, well, the thing about your Lenten sacrifice is it's becoming MY Lenten sacrifice, too ;) I still haven't given anything up...

La Petite Chic

I think I would have a harder time giving up Facebook too! Hang in there :)


You're going to have zero friends by the end of all this, so I imagine it will be pretty easy for you to manage a desolate Facebook account upon your return...


oh man i could never give up twitter or facebook and i am a certified addict! :)


I understand the plight, and I would feel the same way if I had given up FB/Twitter for Lent. I'm impressed that you're doing this! Keep it up, lady!

Kate P

Good for you, you're doing it. I think you'll be surprised what you cultivate in the absence of FB. :)

The Incubator

Gee -- we're waiting to hear from you!

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