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February 07, 2009



When you're reeady you'll have children that you cherish - it's awesome that you two have been together so long and seen each other throgh so mcuh...


This was beautifully written. When you're ready, you're going to have the most amazing kids. But only when you're ready--no sense in rushing things. :)



Whenever you decide- I can't wait to read about the babies. :)


I dunno... Alayna and Gunner are getting older... I need a new baby! You or Shelley need to step up to the plate, and I think Shelley's done her fair share for a while... ;)

Jokes. But I know whenever you decide to have kids you'll be a scarily good mom because you were always a scarily good big sister. Probably, you won't taunt your kids like you taunted me, though...


That was really sweet. Very romantic and sincere :)


Well, Brittany, you know how Alayna is about babies and wanting us to have one. Well, the other day Gunner said he too wanted us to have a baby because he thought it would cool to be in high school and have a little brother in elementary school. I don't see that ever happening so, Angela I guess it's all up to you;) Oh, and Gunner and Alayna are certainly in the running for 'the most beautiful eyes in the world':) Love you!


If people waited until they had everything "perfectly in place" until they had kids, high school graduation audiences would be filled with senior citizens... or maybe they wouldn't be filled at all.

But your children will be the most beautiful things you've ever laid eyes on. Even when they are screaming so hard their faces are splotchy and the soft spot is pulsing like an alien on a bad sci fi flick at 2am in the morning.

Becky sweet, esp. the end :) I can see you being a fantastic mom, but I can understand that you're not quite ready yet. You guys are still pretty young and this is the day and age where many couples are waiting until their 30s to have kids, even if they've been married for a while. I'm kind of in that boat as well (though not even married yet) and I just think that if I'm meant to have kids, it will feel right rather than having to convince myself that it's something I should be doing.


David and I are getting to that compfy spot too. We aren't married, but I find us talking about stuff that will happen down the road like it's perfectly natural. *sigh* Love it!


aw such a sweet post. i love this and happy six years :)


What a sweet post. I am far more ready than hubby (I blame our 1 year age difference, lol), but I know he is right that we should wait until my career settles down. When you have those heart squeezing moments, though, it's hard not to throw the bcps out the window. :)


This post made me laugh and well up, almost simultaneously. I laughed because if you wait until you do laundry regularly or eat your veggies to have kids, you'll NEVER have them! You don't have to be perfect to have kids, you just have to love them and raise them best you can. And if dinner some nights is pizza delivery or macaroni and cheese out of a box because you're just too darn tired to make anything, that's fine--frankly, they like the break as much as you do.

And your kids will have pretty eyes :-)

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