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February 19, 2009


Becky aka StinkyLemsky

Oh- maybe that means that you'll blog more (which would obviously be AWESOME). :)

I am totally sucked into American Idol this season - just goes to show you that when you finish your MBA you actually have time for the more important things in life, lol.



Not answering your phone? Well, good. I'll let my toddler dial your number more often then. ;)



I think it's great when people give up something that is NOT important in the big picture but important to THEM. It's about sacrifice of some sort -- when I was young I remember a friend giving up broccoli (she didn't eat broccoli to begin with)-- and thinking she was so wise.


I once went an entire year without cleaning my bathroom. AT ALL. By that point it ended up being easier just to move, which I did.


I gave up Starbucks last year for Lent and got the notion Jesus probably was thinking the same thing about me. I took about half of what I saved on would-be-Starbucks and donated it to St. Jude's and I was pretty sure Jesus approved! :)


Yikes. I should probably do something similar . . . I'm not, but I should. I think I'm going to give up road rage and swearing. When the 5-yo says things like, "That guy is a bad driver, he should get out of our way," and, "Mama, Peanut was SO pissed when you went upstairs," it might be time to change some verbal habits!


Last year for Lent (and I don't even usually give up anything for Lent), I gave up Perez Hilton. And hey! I haven't been back since! Take that, Perez!


Comments and overall blogging seems to be way down on everyone's site that I read, including my own. I've had some time at work, so I've been commenting like hell on everyone's sites but it's not mattering. I haven't been posting as much b/c I'm just so stressed out about possibly getting laid off that it's the only thing I'm really thinking about and don't feel like blogging about it.


I've kind of always had a crush on Ryan Seacrest. And I think girls always want boys to buy them sparkly jewelry.

A Super Girl

Thank God I'm not the only one who can't remember the last time I cleaned my bathroom. I did at least fix the clogged shower drain this week, but that doesn't mean I've wiped down the counters in recent memory.


OMG your tree is still up? That's hilarious. I know there are a lot of ornaments, but turn on some music, crack a beer and go at it. Once you get going, it's easier.

Heidi Renée

I left our tree up until Valentine's Day last year. And it was a real tree.


As stupid as this probably sounds - I get really weird(read: sad) when I don't get "decent" comment numbers

I'm horrible.


Giving up facebook for Lent? OMG! You are a brave, brave girl. I could NOT do it!


I think kids today are rotten as well. And parents are so young I want to cry out loud. (Not all children just the rotten ones are rotten).

Alexis Grace makes me happy as well--I haven't picked a final favorite--but so far she is it!


Last year I left up my UNDECORATED Christmas tree until a few days after my birthday (early March). My family called me lazy. They were right :)

My mom keeps her tree up all year round sometimes. She just decorates it for each season.

(Right now it is adorned with St. Patrick's Day paraphernalia. Complete with numerous bars of Irish Spring which they encourage visitors to take off the tree.)

Yes, my mother is a dork. :) But I love her.

La Petite Belle

hahahaha love the last one. Jesus would SO say that.

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