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January 22, 2009



Portland is awesome. Possibly awesomer than Seattle, depending on the kind of person you are. If you've never been to Voodoo Doughnut, I insist you make it there next time!


We want to hit Portland sometime this year as well -- we've been to Astoria on the coast (which is pretty cool, if you haven't been yet) but not the city itself. I noticed how Forks now shows up in the statewide weather maps on the news, which was not the case about six months ago.


I would love to live in Portland someday. Also, I'm embarrassed to admit how jealous I'd be if you went to Forks!


i love portland. granted last time i was there i was looking at colleges and didn't get to do nearly as much fun stuff as you did. love the pictures too! you are too cute!


ugh I so want to see Portland. I was hoping BlogHer was going to be there this summer. FAIL. Great pictures.

The Incubator

Is the coffee a payoff so that I won't be jealous?


Spontaneous vacations are the best kind! Hubby and I spent a weekend in KC once (we live in St. Louis) - and it was SO much fun. Your pics are so cute, too. :)


I totally want to go to Portland.

Probably because I'm a giant wannabe hippie.

Maybe. :)


You looked like you had a blast. And I totally heart your hair color. Golden locks! I'm probably your only reader who will say that she wanted to see a shot of the two of you in front of the disappearing/reappearing mountain. And then the second shot could perhaps have both your prince charming and the mountain disappear? So glad you had a fab mini-break. Well deserved!


Sounds and looks amazing! I think you need to make the picture of you making faces at the dragon your profile pic on FB though - I love it, haha!


Sigh. What an awesome trip. I'm so sure we would be friends, because really. How do you not go straight to, "That's what she said!" after a comment like that???

Also, I love Powells. Come to Denver next and check out the Tattered Cover.

Also: Denver has a Hotel Monaco. Did they provide you a fish? Because if you are lacking a pet, you can always request a fish. The butler delivers you one, I kid you not.

Also: I really, really love Ramona Quimby, and had no idea there was a sculptural garden dedicated to her, but now I definitely must get back to Portland to visit it.

Kate P

What a great trip! (And that little girl in the museum looks as if she's going to have a fit if you don't let her launch a bottle rocket next.)


I haven't been to Portland in years, but your photos make me want to visit again!

A Super Girl

Sounds like an awesome trip! Who knew there was so much to do in Portland? A Beverly Cleary sculpture garden? Sign me up!


Seeing all these photos really makes me want to visit with West Coast. I've never been past Nevada!


Are you a little bit more blond, or are my eyes fooling me?

I've been meaning to mention to you that I love your poses. When you get older (like me- super old), you'll be so glad that you weren't camera shy. I just adore the fun things you do in front of the camera. Keep it up!


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