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January 12, 2009


Girl, Dislocated

The sense of finiteness recently hit me as well, but rather than inspire me to make changes and "do" things, it has been paralyzing. So, after reading your post, I considered stealing some of your resolutions. Then I got to the one about food.

And decided that you're out of your freaking mind!!!

Two desserts in 7 days??? Surely you meant 7 HOURS, right?!

Tova Darling

Number one on your list is really interesting! I love reading the classics, but the "fluff" is sometimes a good way for me to unwind. But maybe your idea is a better way to expand my mind. After all, I have Desperate Housewives for when I need to unwind. :)

I like your blog!


I missed your update on Facebook, so glad to hear that your house didn't flood! I can relate to just about everything on your list. I don't think I eat worse than most people, but I seem to have a harder time with balancing my weight, so I HAVE to get more exercise in.


What a good list! I usually make resolutions every year, and this is the first time I haven't done it. To be honest, it's like this HUGE relief to not make goals that I'm pretty much not going to keep :-)


I could hug you, Ang.


I am so the "I don't DOO resolutions, if I want to improve my life, I don't wait until January 1st to do so!" kind of girl.

And I'm slowly realizing that, in fact, I just don't set goals.



So telling myself that is COMPLETELE and UTTER crap.

I think I will make some goals/resoluations this week.



Good luck with these... you're right that none are unrealistic, but it's going to be tough making so many changes at one time. Stay strong, and splurge when you need to!


I'm so hot and cold with my writing that I consider giving up my blog on at least a weekly basis! I am trying to hang in there though because I know my in-laws in Ohio really enjoy reading about what's going on here in Missouri. :)


woo for reading more this year. i'm definitely trying to do the same thing and up my count. love it!


Wait a minute! Cheese at every meal isn't good for you?

Your blog has convinced me to make a resolution. I have not figured it out yet, and I can only hope that it involves watching more TV.

thanks for the inspiration.


These are all good resolutions or goals to try and live by. Especially the reading one. I'm awful at it.


A year without chick lit? I could probably never do it. :) Since my Twilight series speed read, I've read very little. Well that's not counting The Tale of Despereaux. (job hazard-just wait!)


Good for you! I'm excited about the books and writing for you, and I cannot wait to hear more about them. Especially the writing.

Also, the 30 Day Shred? I bought it last week, and I'm already seeing a difference. Do it! It's kind of fun, and minus the feeling like I'm going to die around the 9-minute point of the workout, I enjoy it. And it's making a difference!


Would it be cheating if you WROTE a Chick Lit novel? Since you already know it's formulaic, maybe having one of those going on the side would unblock you for your other writing, you know, like a warmup.

Your intro totally encapsulates how I feel about how you have to Take Charge of Your Life as you get older. I have a USNA T-shirt of my brother's that says, "Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice." But secretly that idea overwhelms me. I have a bad coasting habit.

Way to motivate!


I *so* wish I would stick my exercise routine.. it's the one thing I am worst at.


Reading through your goals, I found myself completely nodding along for almost everything. Except one. I don't think there will EVER be a month where I can only eat pizza ONE TIME.
Best of luck to ya =)

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