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January 20, 2009



I know nothing of Typepad, but am equally optimistic that you will figure shit out, much as Mr. President is now tasked with.


Yay! Go America! :)


You can only make a post password protected if you let me read it. Just kidding.


Also: tell me all about Portland. As a yuppie/hippie, I dream about that place. Mmm.


No clue on how to password protect only certain posts. I wish Blogger had that feature as well.


woo woo obama! love today!


I am not aware of a way. A friend did a bloggish thing that was semi-private, but only because she gave us all the author ID and password. Things to be made public got published, and things just among friends were left as "drafts" so only the friends could see it. Not very elegant, but that's all I can think of.


Today is a really exciting day. I can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Old Warrior

The Democratic Party started changing things in Washington two years ago when they took over both houses of Congress. Obama's early policy announcements are already being dismissed by Pelosi.

If you like what has happened to the economy since then, you should love the next four years. The market dropped another two hundred points as Obama was speaking and declaring trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye could see.

As exciting as all the hype and blather over history being made is for public consumption, I doubt that Obama will have much luck controlling the criminals in Congress and the economy will continue to collapse.

The parallels being drawn to FDR and the Depression are really pretty good and the fact that Congress and Obama plan to emulate the New Deal will probably turn out the same way it did in the 30's. The entire World economy collapsed throughout the thirties and led to World War II. The build up to war in the United States finally ended the Depression - not the New Deal, WPA, CCC, or any of the other government programs that were created.

Pick a Motto:

- Don't Worry - Be Happy!
- Those who fail to learn the lessons of History are condemned to repeat them.


I didn't get to watch today, but I had tears in my eyes watching the evening news. I know the road ahead will not be easy, but seeing the country come together like this is heartwarming.


Are you familiar with using PHP? I've set mine up that way, but I use EE- so not sure how Typepad works.

You could always come over and we can figure it out together. I'm sure Einstein would love to meet you! :)


I know nothing about blogs, but I am hopeful you will figure something out. :)

Woohoo for yesterday. That was something to see. I am glad a lot of us agree on choosing hope over fear. I think this President has inherited a lot, but I am hopeful and will help Obama with what he asks of us.

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